Trend Watch: Colored Heels

Showing a pop of color instantly gives your outfits a sense of life and movement. Since the unprecedented resurrection of the jelly sandals, people have been trying their very best to incorporate neon colors in their outfits, even taking the full neon route. For this one, looks like it's go big or go home.

Just bought a pair of brightly colored Gertrudes? Here are some outfit ideas for your neon heels:

1. Full Neon

Go full neon, but make it a little bit more wearable for the city. Pair your colored heels with pieces in the same hue, but different shades. Try to use dark denim for bottoms or a pale-colored bag to maintain a certain balance in your outfit for the day.

Source: POPSUGAR | Pinterest

2. Star of the Show

Make your shoes the star of the show by opting for a simple white or cream dress or top. Priyanka Chopra's nailing this look with a pale summer dress and retro sunnies, giving her acrylic colored heels all the attention it deserves.

Source: E! News

Source: E! News

3. Stay Subtle

If you're simply out for a stroll, wear your bright blue heels with a simple and subtle outfit. A basic white top, white bag, and jeans will work well with your heels already. 

Source: Mia Mia Mine