The SCRUNCHIE -- a one-of-its-kind shoe collaboration between TONIC and HARPER and HARLOW

We wanted to bring together the world of shoes (Tonic) and the world of home and lifestyle (Harper and Harlow) in coming up with the most versatile sandal.  We made sure that the Scrunchie sandal will take you from lazing around indoors to having something easy to slip on when going out. The ruched strap detail and padded insoles ensure that you go about your new normal activities in style and comfort.

Also available in ochre, umber, lilac, yellow and dusty blue.

Pre-orders will end on November 28. Target to ship out by December 17.

Size Chart:

Size 5 9 in 22.8 cm
Size 6 9.25 in 23.4 cm
Size 7 9.5 in 24.1 cm
Size 8 9.75 in 24.75 cm
Size 9 10 in 25.4 cm
Size 10 10.25 in 26 cm

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