Add On: Full Face Shield (without frame)


In compliance with the Philippine regulation issued by DOTR, DOLE, DTI and IATF, this spare FULL FACE SHIELD is now made available for purchase, and can be interchanged with any PRISMA Shield or LifeShield purchased from TONIC.  

You will receive a full shield (without the frame) + a screw driver with this purchase.  You can just unscrew the old shield from the frame of your PRISMA Shield or LifeShield, and easily replace it with this full shield.  It's like getting two shields for just an additional P145!

The full shield alone (without the frame) measures 5.25 inches x 7.75 inches, covering your forehead to chin. It is made of thick, lightweight acrylic material, which can be used countless times and can easily be sanitized with alcohol or soap and water.

We're continuously finding ways to keep you safe while in style! Pleased to shield you, always.

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